All majors are expected to select a faculty member of the department as their adviser. Majors should identify an adviser as soon as possible after declaring their major. Advisers can discuss course offerings, discuss courses that would be of benefit for the student’s particular intellectual and research interests and ambitions, sign course schedules, and advise senior essays.

Selecting an adviser is largely up to the student. Most students ask a faculty member with whom they have taken one or more courses to advise them but it is not a requirement that a student take a course with a faculty member prior to making an appointment and discussing any questions the student may have about the major.

Students who are unsure who they might contact, either for advice about a specific issue or general advice about the major, can find information about the research and teaching interests of the faculty on the department’s Faculty Listing and List of Lecturers. Here are the most current faculty office hours

Students may, of course, also arrange to meet with the DUS to discuss questions or matters pertaining to courses and the major, including identifying a possible adviser. Visit this page to make an appointment with the DUS.