Building on its historical strength, Yale is a leader in research and teaching in contemporary Political Science. The Department is home to around 45 faculty, whose scholarship and teaching span across the subfields of Political Science and the countries of the world. The undergraduate major is among the largest on campus, and the graduate program produces Ph.D. students who have taken leadership positions in the discipline. 

Many Political Science faculty also play active roles in related programs at Yale, such as the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics; Directed Studies; the Institution for Social And Policy Studies; and the MacMillian Center. The Department also sponsors numerous seminars, lectures, and conferences that are open to all members of the Yale community.


Gregory Huber, Alan Gerber, Catlan Reardon, Albert Fang
Alan Gerber, Gregory Huber, Albert Fang and Catlan Reardon have co-authored a new article in American Politics Research entitled “When Does Increasing Mobilization Effort...
Jacob Hacker and the cover of his new book "Let Them Eat Tweets"
Jacob Hacker with Paul Pierson has written a new book entitled “Let Them Eat Tweets:  How The Right Rules In An Age of Extreme Inequality”. Abstract:  “The Republican Party...
Professor Jacob Hacker
“Yale political scientist Jacob S. Hacker has been awarded the 2020 Robert M. Ball Award for Outstanding Achievements in Social Insurance. The National Academy of Social...