Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Below is an alphabetical list of Yale Ph.D. students and recent graduates currently on the job market. Please feel free to contact them, their advisors, or the DGS for additional information. 

Any Yale Graduate Student wishing to be added to this page can do so by filling out our PhD Job Market Candidates submission form.

Placement Officers

Katharine Baldwin
115 Prospect Street
Rosenkranz Hall

Ian Turner
77 Prospect Street

Current Students

David Froomkin

Dissertation:  Structuring Democracy
Current Position:  Instructor at Yale (teaching Designing and Reforming Democracy, fall 2023)
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Ian Shapiro, Hélène Landemore, Seyla Benhabib
Areas of Concentration:  Political Theory, Public Law

Jack Greenberg

Dissertation:  The President’s First Moves: The Dynamics of Agenda Construction, 1968-2022
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Steve Skowronek (Chair), Christina Kinane, Ian Turner
Areas of Concentration:  American politics, the presidency, political leadership, American political development, Congress, American political thought, public policy, qualitative & mixed methods

Changwook Ju

Dissertation:  Military Recruitment, Battlefield Effectiveness, and Civil–Military Relations
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Alexandre Debs; Daniel MattinglyFrances RosenbluthElisabeth Wood
Areas of Concentration:   Quantitative Methods; International Relations and Security; Democracy and War; Public Nuclear Attitudes; East Asian Security; Political Economy of Conflict; Political Violence; Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

Daniel Hirschel-Burns

Dissertation:  The Ideological Socialization of Civilians During Civil War
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Program in Latin American Studies, Princeton University
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Elisabeth Wood (chair), James Scott, Daniel Mattingly, Egor Lazarev
Areas of Concentration:  Comparative Politics, Qualitative Methods, Political Violence, Latin American Politics

Abolfazl Nuri

Dissertation:  A Model of Sanctions under Incomplete Information
Advisors List:  Bruce Ackerman, Tyler Pratt, Winston Lin
Areas of Concentration:  Economics of Asymmetric Power, Economic Consequences of Normative Systems, Biological Roots of Normative Systems, Quantitative Methods

Cleo O’Brien-Udry

Dissertation: Essays on the political economy of foreign aid
Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow at the Christopher H. Browne Center for International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania
Personal Website:
Advisors List: Sarah Bush, Kate Baldwin, and Christina Schneider
Areas of Concentration:  IR/IPE/climate/development

Collin Schumock

Dissertation:  Three Essays on Electoral Institutions
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Greg Huber, Ian Turner, Keith Schnakenberg, Frances Rosenbluth
Areas of Concentration:  American politics, formal theory, political economy


Shahana Sheikh

Dissertation:  Party Campaigns in the Digital Age: Theory and Evidence from India
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Steven Wilkinson, Sarah Khan, Susan Stokes
Areas of Concentration:  Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Quantitative Empirical Methods

Drew Stommes

Drew Stommes

Dissertation:  Armed Political Parties and Their Violence
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  P. Aronow, Elizabeth Nugent, Steven Wilkinson (Chair), Elisabeth Wood
Areas of Concentration:  Comparative Politics, Quantitative Methods, South Asian Politics, Political Violence, Elections

Dana Stuster

Dissertation:  Great Powers, Regional Powers, and the Balance of Power in Conflict
Current Position:  Ph.D. Candidate, Yale University - Hans J. Morgenthau Fellow (2023-24), Notre Dame International Security Center, University of Notre Dame - Deputy Foreign Policy Editor, Lawfare
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Nuno Monteiro, Tyler Pratt, Sarah Sunn Bush, David Edelstein
Areas of Concentration:  International Relations Theory, International Security, International Norms, Middle East Politics, Network Analysis, Qualitative Methods

Robin Yajie Wang

Dissertation: The Politics of Trade Policymaking in China
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Kenneth Scheve, Didac Queralt, Daniel Mattingly
Areas of Concentration:  Political Economy, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics

Sam Zacher

Dissertation:  The New Democratic Allegiance of Affluent Americans and the Politics of Redistribution
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Jacob Hacker, Greg Huber, Ian Turner, Dara Strolovitch
Areas of Concentration:  American Politics; Political Economy; Quantitative Methods; Inequality; Climate Politics

Recent Graduates

Annabelle Hutchinson

Dissertation:  Three Essays on the Political Economy of Gender
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Utah
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Frances Rosenbluth (chair), Jacob Hacker, Sarah Khan, Jim Curry (Utah)
Areas of Concentration:  Political Economy, American Politics, Quantitative Methods, Inequality, Gender & Race

Armando Jose Perez-Gea

Dissertation:  An Aristotelian Theory of the Political Association: An Alternative to Weber
Current Position:   Fellow to Diversify Teaching and Learning, Stanford University
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Bryan Garsten, Ian Shapiro, David Charles, Stephen Darwall
Areas of Concentration:  Political Theory

Chris Price

Dissertation:  Legacies of War: Group Identification, Ethnic Polarization, and Civil War Violence
Current Position:  Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, Bates College
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Elisabeth Wood; Stathis Kalyvas; Jason Lyall; Elizabeth Nugent
Areas of Concentration:  International Relations, Comparative Politics, Political Violence, Ethnic Politics, Qualitative Methods

Shikhar Singh

Dissertation:  Three Essays on Distributive Politics in India
Current Position:  Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for the Advanced Study of India, University of Pennsylvania
Personal Website:
Advisors List:  Steven Wilkinson, Susan Stokes, Greg Huber, Tariq Thachil
Areas of Concentration:  Comparative Politics, Quantitative Methods