Year Long Senior Essay

Year Long Senior Essay

Most majors write a one–semester senior essay. Some, however, choose to write a two–semester essay, which is done in PLSC 490a/491b or PLSC 490a/493b (for Intensive Majors - see below).

Application for Senior Essay

Juniors wishing to write a two–semester essay in their senior year in PLSC 490a/491b must submit the Yearlong Senior Essay form. The form must be signed by a faculty adviser who has agreed to supervise the student’s essay. It should be accompanied by a 1–2-page statement of the research project and an up–to–date, unofficial transcript. The application is due by April 7, 2023, for the Class of 2024.

Intensive Majors

The Intensive Major writes a year-long senior essay in PLSC 490a/493b, which is preceded by PLSC 474b (Directed Reading and Research for Junior Intensive Majors) in the Spring semester of the junior year.
Juniors wishing to pursue an Intensive Major must submit an application. The form is available on–line and is due by November 18, 2022.  Intensive Majors must also submit a Yearlong Senior Essay Prospectus form, which is due by January 18, 2023, for the Class of 2024.

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