Undergraduate Senior Essay

Message from DUS David Simon about the importance of the Senior Essay

Political Science Director of Undergraduate Studies has recorded a video message explaining the importance of the Senior Essay, the capstone requirement for Political Science.

Guidelines and Requirements

One of the requirements of the Political Science major is the senior essay. All senior majors must complete and receive a passing grade on the essay in order to graduate. The essay can be written in a seminar or in PLSC 480, or, in the case of a year-long essay, in PLSC 490/491 or PLSC 490/493. The student is responsible for becoming familiar with the Department guidelines and requirements for the senior essay. That information is available here.

Spring 2022 Deadlines for Senior Essays

Seniors planning to write a one–semester essay in the spring semester must submit a Spring Senior Essay Prospectus form signed by the faculty member who has agreed to advise the essay. The signed form is due by January 19, 2022 for students writing the essay in PLSC 480 and by January 21, 2022 for students writing it in a seminar.

All yearlong and spring semester senior essays are due by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 29, 2022.  This deadline applies to senior essays being written in a seminar, as well as essays written in PLSC 480, PLSC 491 and PLSC 493.


Rev. 11.12.2021