Field Readings Lists, Requirements and Exams

Please see the Program Overview and Requirements for information about exam and coursework based field certification.

American Politics

American Politics Reading List
American Politics Subfield Requirements - N/A
American Politics Old Exams

Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics Reading List
Comparative Politics Subfield Requirements - N/A
Comparative Politics Old Exams

Formal Theory

Formal Theory Reading List
Formal Theory Subfield Requirements - By exam only.
Formal Theory Old Exams

International Relations

International Relations Reading List
International Relations Subfield Requirements
International Relations Old Exams

Political Economy

Political Economy Reading List
Political Economy Subfield Requirements
Political Economy Old Exams

Political Theory

Political Theory Reading List
Political Theory Subfield Requirements - N/A
Political Theory Old Exams

Qualitative and Archival Methods

Qualitative and Archival Methods Reading List
Qualitative and Archival Methods Subfield Requirements
Qualitative and Archival Methods Old Exams - No Prior Exams Offered

Quantitative Empirical Methods

Quantitative Empirical Methods Reading List
Quantitative Empirical Methods Subfield Requirements - By exam only.
Quantitative Empirical Methods Old Exams

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