BA/MA Program

The Department allows interested Yale University undergraduate students to petition both the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Studies to pursue the Simultaneous Award of the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Yale College Rules and Procedures.

To fulfill the requirements of the MA, you must take eight Political Science graduate courses, including:

- at least two from PLSC 500 (Statistics), PLSC 503 (Quantitative Methods), PLSC 504 (Advanced Quantitative Methods), and PLSC 508 (Casual Inference and Research Design)
- two courses in any two of the Department’s five subfields (American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Economy, and Political Theory) that provide “core” education in the subfield (e.g., in Comparative Politics, Comparative Politics I or Comparative Politics II). 

You must take eight graduate courses in addition to the full set of undergraduate courses required for the major.  Only graduate courses with a PLSC graduate course number can be counted toward the eight required courses.  The eight graduate courses are expected to be courses that are designed and taught primarily for graduate students.  Please note that you may apply courses that are cross-listed (between the undergraduate and graduate programs) toward your MA; however, you must meet with the professor at the beginning of the semester to receive instruction in completing the graduate-level work for the course.  All graduate courses must be pre-approved by the DGS.