Forms and Links

This page contains relevant Yale links as well as important forms


Graduate School Academic Calendar, including pertinent degree dates, etc.


Below is a list of useful forms, many of which can be filled out online.

If these forms require DGS or Departmental review, please submit via email to the Director of Graduate Students and Colleen Amaro.

Forms may also be submitted in paper copy to the DGS Office.

Comprehensive list of Graduate School forms.

Course Enrollment and Grading

Course Schedule Change Notification
Individual Study Course Information Form
Temporary Incomplete Grade Submission Request Form
Graduate Credit Request Form

Registration Status

Change of Registration Status (to apply for medical or personal LOA)
Absentia Form
Verification of Enrollment or Degree

Students may petition the graduate school to change their registration status. More information about GSAS policies can be found on the Student Registration Status page.

Students may apply for leave of absence for medical, personal, or parental reasons.

For a medical or personal leave, students fill out the above change of status form, send it to the department graduate registrar and the DGS, who will forward it to the Graduate School.

For a medical leave, students should obtain a written recommendation from an appropriate Yale Health chief physician. For example, the website of the Yale Health Mental Health & Counseling services can be found here. Students should also agree with the DGS on a (short) academic writing assignment (10-12 pages) that they would turn in before they return from their medical leave.

For a parental leave, students should contact Associate Dean Allegra di Bonaventura ( prior to the term of birth or adoption.

Degree Requirements

Degree Petitions
Dissertation Submission Checklist