Loren Reinoso

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Graduate School Student




  • MA, University of Chicago, Program in the Social Sciences (specialization in political theory)
  • AB, Princeton University, Department of Politics (Honors); Certificate in Values and Public Life


Loren is a political theorist specializing in the histories of political thought, philosophy, and theology; and contemporary theories of liberalism, democracy, and political obligation.   In particular, he is interested in:

  • The transition from medieval to early modern theology and philosophy
  • How this transition continues to inform the political concepts we use today
  • The relationship between sovereignty and democracy
  • The relationship between political and moral obligations
  • The revival of political realism
  • The rise of illiberal democracy
  • John Rawls, Carl Schmitt, Hannah Arendt, Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbes

Before coming to Yale, Loren studied at the University of Chicago, where he received an MA in social sciences, and Princeton University, where he received an AB in social sciences and a certificate in values and public life.  His MA thesis contemplated Schmitt’s treatment of Hobbes and Descartes and its importance to Schmitt’s late-Weimar political theory. 

Fields of Interest: 
Political Theory