Frequently Asked Questions - Intensive Major

The Intensive Major gives students the opportunity to undertake extensive research on a topic of interest. If you are considering this option, please make an appointment to meet with the DUS to discuss this further. (Please see Question 1 for more information on how to do this.)

Intensive Majors must take PLSC 474 (Directed Reading and Research for Junior Intensive Majors) in the sixth term of their enrollment. In the seventh term, the student takes PLSC 490 (The Senior Colloquium). In the eighth term, the student takes PLSC 493 (Senior Essays for Intensive Majors). All of the other requirements for the Intensive Major are identical to those for the Standard Major. For more information, please visit:

a. Review the requirements listed under “Intensive Major” on the Course Info & Program page found at:

b. Meet with the DUS.

c. Approach a faculty member to discuss your interest in this major and see if he or she would be willing to serve as your adviser. This faculty member would ideally be someone whose courses you have taken and whose research and interest overlap your own.

d. Download the “Intensive Major Application” from the Political Science website: When you submit this application to the Undergraduate Registrar (Rosenkranz Hall, Room 130), you will also need to attach your three-semester plan of study and your senior essay topic. You will receive notification from the Undergraduate Registrar as to whether or not the DUS approved your application. Please know that admission is based on performance and promise.

e. Follow your three-semester plan while working closely with your adviser. (You do not need to partner with the DUS throughout this time period. However, he or she is available for guidance should you need it.)

Juniors wishing to pursue the Intensive Major must check the Political Science website for the application deadline. It is usually at the end of the third week in November, but for the exact date please visit: