Frequently Asked Questions - Double Majors

The requirements of the Double Major are the same as the requirements for the Standard Major. Please see a list of those requirements here:

a. Review the requirements listed under “Standard Major” on the Course Info & Program page found at:

b. Meet with the Undergraduate Registrar (no appointment necessary). The Undergraduate Registrar’s office is located in Rosenkranz Hall, Room 130. He or she can talk with you about the requirements for the major and where you stand toward fulfilling those requirements.

c. Pick up a Double Major form from your Residential College Dean. On your form (or on a separate piece of paper if you are still in the planning process), list of all of the courses you’ve taken in your primary major in one column and all of the courses you’ve taken in your secondary major in another column. Please also list the courses you plan to take that will help you meet the requirements of each major, and indicate that you intend to take those classes on your form.

d. As you know, sometimes courses are cross-listed with several departments. For each course, please list all of the course’s numbers (for example, PLSC 354/EP&E 250) and the title (for example, The European Union).

e. When your Double Major form is complete, you can submit it to the Undergraduate Registrar. He or she will email you when your form has been signed and is ready to be picked up. Once you have the signatures of both directors of undergraduate studies, you can submit your form to your Residential College Dean.

Double majors are allowed to have 2 overlaps. If you have more than 2 overlaps, you will only be allowed to apply the additional overlaps to one major or the other. Please indicate on your Double Major form which courses are your additional overlaps and which department they are counting toward. You can also email this information to the Undergraduate Registrar at

This is important because if you decide not to count one or more of your Political Science courses toward your Political Science major, those courses can then no longer be used to fulfill any of your major requirements. These courses do, however, count toward your chances of receiving distinction.

Overlapping courses may not include the senior essay or senior project, unless the essay or project is unusually substantial and represents at least the minimum essay or project requirements of both majors. (See next question for more information.)

In order to get approval to write a joint senior essay or project, please meet with the DUS. You must also submit an additional statement (as indicated on the Double Major form) that is countersigned by both directors of undergraduate studies and that shows how your essay or project will meet the minimum essay or project requirements of both majors. Please attach this statement to your Double Major form.

Please know that if a single senior essay or project is approved for the 2 majors, no additional overlap in course credits is permitted.

Yes. The same rules for the Standard Major apply to the Double Major. Pending DUS approval, Double Majors are also allowed to count up to 3 non-Political Science courses toward their major requirements provided those courses do not count toward the second major. (For more information about how to petition for these courses, please see Question 7.)

No. The Double Major form is not binding. We ask you to indicate which courses you plan on taking as a way of showing that you understand the requirements of both majors and how you plan to fulfill them.

Double Major forms should not be submitted until your plans are definite, but no later than the due date for course schedules in your final term of enrollment. Please submit your form to your Residential College Dean after it has been signed by both directors of undergraduate study.

Please know that we encourage students to stay in close contact with their 2 majors throughout their time at Yale to ensure they will meet all of the requirements. It is especially important for students to consult with both departments before finalizing their Double Major form.