Research Assistant Opportunities

Professor Dan Mattingly is looking for a student researcher capable of programming in python.

A student researcher who is capable of python programming. Preference given to students who have experience either working on Linux clusters or working with computer vision. You will be working with our research team to implement code to collect and analyze images from China. Pay dependent on experience. Please send an email indicating interest to Daniel Mattingly (

Posted 10-09-18

Professor Frances Rosenbluth is looking for research assistants to help code the social media communications of political, business, and NGO leaders. Pay is $14.50/hour. She can be contacted via her email at

Posted 08-25-18

Frances Rosenbluth is looking for RAs to help code occupational and demographic information for political candidates in California for a project to evaluate which kinds of politicians 1) run for office and 2) survive the gauntlet.  Pay is $14.50/hour.  Contact Professor Rosenbluth at

Posted 09-10-18

Wanted:  Undergraduate faculty/seminar assistant for the fall semester. Pays $14.75 per hour. Responsibilities include:

  1. Assist in basic computer and library research activities which relate to Professor Joseph LaPalombara’s course.
  2. Write analytical precis of material relevant to topics Professor LaPalombara designates.
  3. Handle the randomized creation of reporting teams and discussion groups in the seminar of approximately twenty students.
  4. Proofread manuscript materials.

If you are interested in the position, please email Professor Joseph LaPalombara directly at

Posted 09-10-18

Let America Vote is a national grassroots organization dedicated to protecting voting rights and fighting voter suppression­. We are currently looking for interns for our fall program, and we want to make sure that students in your program at Yale University know about this opportunity. Could you please forward the information included below to them?

The internship program at Let America Vote is designed to allow students to learn about and participate in grassroots political activism to expand voting rights across the country. Throughout the course of their work, interns will learn valuable organizing, advocacy, and community engagement skills which will help their future career prospects while also empowering them to become more informed and active citizens.


You’re invited to intern with Let America Vote, Jason Kander’s grassroots organization that is dedicated to protecting voting rights. We are now accepting applications for our fall internship and fellowship programs. We are looking for bright, energetic individuals who want to learn the nuts and bolts of how top-notch grassroots organizing works.

To apply, please visit

You will learn the basics of how to build a grassroots field program and help elect candidates who will fight to support and protect our fundamental right to vote. From engaging in daily field activities to learning from seasoned campaign staff to hearing from a variety of high-profile political guest speakers; this internship is unlike any other in politics. By learning the basics of campaign and political organizing, we will not only elect candidates who stand up for democracy and voting rights in 2018, but teach everyone involved the skills necessary to organize in their communities and even run campaigns in 2018 and beyond.

Hours are very flexible, and the team here at Let America Vote is a lot of fun! No experience is necessary. You will walk out the door at the end of the internship knowing how to run a local field program, as well as having met some great friends.

Let America Vote is a national organization, and we offer opportunities to students across the entire country. With field offices in 5 states as well as countless volunteer and college chapters in other states, this is a great opportunity to get involved in the fight for voting rights regardless of where you live.

Additionally, the Let America Vote offers a fellowship program if you’re looking to be even more involved. With an expanded time commitment, fellows will also benefit from our Field Organizer Training Program, where they’ll learn about grassroots organizing from a team of experts. This will prepare you to be even more proactive in your role, ensuring you can work effectively on future advocacy, political campaigns, and other modes of valuable civic engagement.

To apply, please visit, call us (603) 820-7130 or email us at

Posted 08-27-18