Robert Dahl

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In Memoriam: Sterling Professor Emeritus in Political Science
115 Prospect St.
Robert A. Dahl, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Political Science and Sr. Research Scientist Sociology, is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Philosophical Society and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a corresponding member of the British Academy, and a past President of the American Political Science Association. His publications include Congress and Foreign Policy; Politics, Economics and Welfare (with C. E. Lindblom); A Preface to Democratic Theory; Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City; After the Revolution?; Polyarchy; Size and Democracy (with E. R. Tufte); Dilemmas of Pluralist Democracy; A Preface to Economic Democracy; Controlling Nuclear Weapons: Democracy Versus Guardianship; Democracy and Its Critics; Toward Democracy: A Journey; On Democracy; How Democratic is the American Constitution?, Politica e virtu’ , La teoria democratica de nuovo secolo, After the Goldrush: Growing up in Skagway and On Political Equality.