Nilakshi Parndigamage

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Dean Ezra Stiles College


302 York Street, Ezra Stiles College, Room 112


Nilakshi Parndigamage is the Dean of Ezra Stiles College at Yale University and serves as a lecturer in the Political Science Department. Born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Political Science and her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Virginia School of Law.

Dean Parndigamage previously worked as a litigator in New York and Washington, D.C. for a leading international commercial litigation firm. She was a member of several legal teams representing corporate clients in various breach-of-contract, fraud, products liability, qui tam, and securities cases. During her time at the firm, she also devoted significant time to pro bono criminal defense work.

Prior to her career as a litigator, Dean Parndigamage conducted human rights research, advocacy, and public policy work in Washington, D.C., Baghdad, Cape Town, the Hague, and Sri Lanka. She has researched the prevalence of wartime sexual violence in the former Yugoslavia, worked at the Office of the Prosecutor at the Yugoslav International War Crimes Tribunal, and assisted in editing a handbook for Iraqi legislators on how to re-draft Iraqi legal codes to better protect Iraqi minorities. She was a member of the editorial board for the Virgina Journal of International Law. She is the recipient of numerous human rights fellowships and is currently a Senior Fellow of the Humanity in Action Human Rights Organization.

At Yale, Dean Parndigamage teaches a seminar on Wrongful Convictions which explores the political and sociological factors that result in innocent people being convicted of serious crimes.

For appointments, contact her assistant McKenzie Granata on (203) 432-0563.