David Simon

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Senior Lecturer
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115 Prospect Street, Rosenkranz Hall, Room 432
1(203) 432-5243


  • Ph.D. - UCLA, 1999
  • BA - Princeton University, 1991


Interested in how states and societies come to commit and experience mass atrocities, and how they can recover from them.  Also interested in the political economy of development in Africa, and particularly in the influence of development assistance on institutional development.
Director, Genocide Studies Program.  Director of Graduate Studies, African Studies Advisory Board member, Multidisciplinary Program on Human Rights and Program on Ethnicity, Race, and Migration Additional Information: Served as a consultant for several UN agencies, including UNDP, UNITAR, Office of the Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide, and the Millennium Development Project.


Course Taught at Yale

  • Intro to Comparative Politics
  • Post-Conflict Politics
  • Mass Atrocities in Global Politics
  • Rwandan Genocide in Comparative Perspective
  • African Politics
  • International Relations in Africa
  • Politics of Development Assistance
  • Comparative Politics of Development

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