Adam Meirowitz

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Adam Meirowitz is Professor of Political Science and fellow at the institution fo Social and Policy Studies. He also holds a secondary appointment in Economics and is a member of the research staff at the Cowles Foundation.  He is a political economist with interests in voting theory, international conflict, electoral politics and corporate governance as well as game theory.  His work has been published in the Journal of Political Economy,  the American Political Science Review, the American Journal of Political Science, the Quarterly Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Financial Economics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Games and Economic Behavior, the Journal of Economic Theory as well as a range of other theory and political science journal.  He has coauthored, Political Game Theory with Cambridge University Press. He earned his PhD at Stanford Univesity (GSB, 2002) and was on the faculty at Princeton University and the University of Utah prior to joining the faculty at Yale.