Paul Bracken: “The Balloons Signal a New Age of Mass Surveillance”

P. Bracken
February 16, 2023

Professor Paul Bracken was interviewed in Yale InsightsThree Questions“  in a piece entitled “The Balloons Signal a New Age of Mass Surveillance”.  The article discusses the recent “Spy Balloon” that sailed unimpeded over the United States until it was shot down over the east coast and its relation to the amount of mass surveillance currently ongoing against private citizens. 


Two weeks ago, Americans watched as a high-altitude Chinese balloon made its way across the continent before being shot down off South Carolina. The U.S. has since shot down three more flying objects in North American airspace, although the White House says they may prove to be benign. Whatever the investigations yield, says Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert in global competition and strategy, these encounters reveal an urgent need for citizens and governments to catch up on how much we’re already being spied on.