Mordechai Levy-Eichel interviewed on the Buckley Institute’s Pod and Man at Yale

Mordechai Levy-Eichel
December 7, 2023

Mordechai Levy-Eichel, Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, was recently interviewed on the Buckley Institute’s Pod and Man at Yale with segments on Being conservative at Yale and Faculty Prize winner Mordechai Levy-Eichel on Free Speech in the Classroom.”


In the most recent episode of Pod and Man at Yale, Aron Ravin ’24, Noah Riley ’24, and Trevor MacKay ’25 discuss the challenges that come with being conservative on Yale’s campus and how campus political bias can come out in surprising places….

For the episode’s interview, we sat down with inaugural Lux et Veritas Faculty Prize Winner Mordechai Levy-Eichel and discussed why he goes out of his way to stimulate open discussion in the class, and why many faculty and administrators too often avoid debate and controversy.