I’m planning to write my senior essay in a seminar. How do I proceed?

As you know, you can write your essay in a Political Science seminar, but you must of course get the instructor’s permission and he or she should agree to advise you during the research and writing phase. In order to make this official, please ask your instructor to sign your Senior Essay Prospectus form (http://politicalscience.yale.edu//undergraduate-forms) and submit it to the Undergraduate Registrar (Rosenkranz Hall, Room 130). He or she will ask the DUS to sign your form. You do not need to pick this form up. Also, please know that if you do not hear back from us, your request to write your essay in that particular seminar has been approved.

Please click here for more important information about senior essays: http://politicalscience.yale.edu/academics/undergraduate-program/undergraduate-senior-essay.