Building on its historical strength, Yale is a leader in research and teaching in contemporary Political Science. The Department is home to around 45 faculty, whose scholarship and teaching span across the subfields of Political Science and the countries of the world. The undergraduate major is among the largest on campus, and the graduate program produces Ph.D. students who have taken leadership positions in the discipline. 

Many Political Science faculty also play active roles in related programs at Yale, such as the Program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics; Directed Studies; the Institution for Social And Policy Studies; and the MacMillian Center. The Department also sponsors numerous seminars, lectures, and conferences that are open to all members of the Yale community.


The Journal of Political Thought, started by Yale Undergraduates, is dedicated to exploring the theoretical accounts and normative dimensions of political life. The journal...
American Political Science Review Magazine has published an article co-written by Adam Dyne, Graduate Student, Yale University Political Science and Gregory Huber, Professor...
Robert A. Dahl and David Mayhew
David Mayhew has written an ode to his friend and former colleague Robert A. Dahl.  Soon to be published in Journal of Political Power, you can read it now.