Political Thinking and Consciousness - The Private Life of the Political Mind

This book is about the way men’s motivations shape their political thinking and ideological motivation. CONTENTS: 1) Introduction - Why are you a conservative or liberal? 2) Human Needs, the Energizing Sources of Political Thought 3) Guide to the Selection of a Congenial Political Idea 4) Motivational Conflict and Political Choice 5) Personality, Mind and Group References 6) The Need To Be Liked 7) Validating the Self Through Being Liked 8) The Politics of Aggression 9) The Inhibition of Aggression 10) The Need to Feel Moral 11) Toward a More Mature Morality in Politics 12) The Struggle Against Feelings of Inadequacy 13) Striving for Wealth and Status and the Sense of Inadequacy 14) Identity Continuity and Identification with the Family 15) The Autonomy Motive in an Estranged Family Relationship 16) The Idea of Political Consciousness 17) Political Consciousness and Citizen Self-Knowledge 18) Political Consciousness in Man and Society

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