Seyla Benhabib: The Deadly Toll of Erdogan’s War on Academia”

seyla benhabib
March 22, 2023

Eugene Meyer professor of political science and philosophy Seyla Benhabib has an article in Foreign Policy Magazine entitled “The Deadly Toll of Erdogan’s War on Academia.”


“The devastating earthquake on Feb. 6 that ravaged south and central Turkey and northwestern Syria, resulting in the loss of more than 46,000 lives, revealed many fault lines beyond those in the earth. It’s been noted that the disaster has exposed the widespread corruption—in the form of the many shoddy construction contracts that were approved by the government despite tightened regulations that had been adopted after the 1999 Izmit earthquake—on which Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule of 20 years has been based. But the earthquake has also brought to light a fault line between the country’s scientists and academics and a regime based on contempt and disregard for knowledge and expertise.”