Professor Jacob Hacker’s new book, Let Them Eat Tweets, is now available

Jacob Hacker and the cover of his new book "Let Them Eat Tweets"
July 6, 2020

Jacob Hacker with Paul Pierson has written a new book entitled “Let Them Eat Tweets:  How The Right Rules In An Age of Extreme Inequality”.

Abstract:  “The Republican Party appears to be divided between a tax-cutting old guard and a white-nationalist vanguard—and with Donald Trump’s ascendance, the upstarts seem to be winning. Yet how are we to explain that, under Trump, the plutocrats have gotten almost everything they want, including a huge tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, regulation-killing executive actions, and a legion of business-friendly federal judges? Does the GOP represent “forgotten” Americans? Or does it represent the superrich?”

This publication is available on the following site(s):