Isabela Mares interviewed on her book Protecting the ballot from corruption in 19th-century Europe

Isabela Mares
March 1, 2023

Professor Isabela Mares recently discussed her newest book, Protecting the ballot from corruption in 19th-century Europe, on the YaleNews website.


“Electoral corruption was rampant in the young democracies of 19th-century Europe. To obtain a competitive advantage, politicians would often buy votes and enlist mayors or policemen to mobilize or intimidate voters. Fundamental aspects of modern elections, such as the secret ballot, often didn’t exist in practice.

In a new book, “Protecting the Ballot: How First-Wave Democracies Ended Electoral Corruption” (Princeton University Press), Yale political scientist Isabela Mares examines efforts made between 1850 and 1918 in France, Germany, Britain, and Belgium to end rampant electoral fraud.”