Ian Shapiro on The American Interest Podcast: The Case For Responsible Parties

Image of Frances Rosenbluth and Ian Shapiro
November 13, 2018

All across the world, democratic reformers are seeking to bring more power directly to the people through referendums and ballot initiatives, direct selection of candidates via primaries, and electoral changes to encourage smaller and more representative parties. But what if such decentralizing reforms are actually making parties less accountable to the voters, and fueling the very grievances they are designed to address?

That’s the case made by Ian Shapiro and Frances McCall Rosenbluth in their new book Responsible Parties: Saving Democracy from Itself.

Ian Shapiro was interviewed on The American Interest, discussing the effect of too much democracy in the wrong places.  The podcast was titled “Episode 207:  The Case for Responsible Parties.” (as of 2023, the podcast has been removed from the website)