Five Yale Political Science Professors win a total of seven awards this year.

July 15, 2015

Five of Yale University’s Department of Political Science professors have won a total of seven American Political Science Association awards this year.  Congratulations to the following…

  • Tariq Thachil, Elite Parties, Poor Voters (Cambridge, 2014):
    • APSA’s 2015 Leon Epstein Award for the best book on political organizations and parties
    • 2015 Gregory Luebbert prize for the best book in comparative politics.
  • James Scott, Seeing Like a State (1999):
    • 2015 Aaron Wildavsky Award, given by the Public Policy section of the American Political Science Association to a book that has made an enduring contribution to the field of public policy.
    • 2015 Benjamin E. Lippincott Award, which is awarded biennially to recognize a work of exceptional quality by a living political theorist that is still considered significant after a time span of at least 15 years since the original date of publication.
  • Adria Lawrence, Imperial Rule and the Politics of Nationalism: 2015 David Greenstone Book Prize of the Politics and History section of APSA.
  • Vesla Weaver, with co-author Amy Lerman, Arresting Citizenship: The Democratic Consequences of American Crime Control: 2014 Best Book in Urban Politics award given by APSA.
  • Frances Rosenbluth, with co-author Carles Boix,  “Bones of Contention: The Political Economy of Height Inequality”: APSA’s 2015 Heinz Eulau Award, awarded annually for the best article published in the American Political Science Review in the previous calendar year.

These professors demonstrate the dedication and excellence that makes the Department of Political Science at Yale University one of the premier Political Science departments in the world.