“Democracy Man: The Life and Works of Robert A. Dahl”. Foreign Affairs Magazine

Robert Dahl's book Democracy and Its Critics
February 13, 2014

Foreign Affairs magazine has an article dedicated to Robert A. Dahl, written by Ian Shapiro, Sterling Professor of Political Science at Yale University, Henry R. Luce Director of the MacMillan Center, Professor (Adjunct) at Yale’s Law School and School  of Management.

“Robert Dahl died on February 5 at the age of 98. He might well have been the most important political scientist of the last century, and he was certainly one of its preeminent social scientists. He received strings of awards and honorary degrees, including the first Johan Skytte Prize, created in 1995 to remedy the lack of a Nobel Prize for Political Science. Citations to Dahl’s work run to the tens of thousands, dwarfing those of his contemporaries. Many leaders of the profession today were his students…”

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