DeclareDesign Project, directed by Assistant Professor Alex Coppock and others, awarded SIPS Commendation

Professor Alex Coppock
August 10, 2020

Assistant professor Alex Coppock is one of the directors of the DeclareDesign Project, a set of software tools for describing, assessing and conducting empirical research.  From their site, “DeclareDesign is a system for describing research designs in code and simulating them in order to understand their properties. Because DeclareDesign employs a consistent grammar of designs, you can focus on the intellectually challenging part – designing good research studies – without having to code up simulations from scratch.”

The DeclareDesign project has been awarded a SIPS Commendation.  SIPS (the Society of the Improvement of Psychological Science) Commendations are awarded 3 times a year.  SIPS works to bring scholars together to improve psychological Sciences methods and practices.