- I’m planning on becoming an Interdisciplinary Concentration Major. What steps should I should take?

1) Review the requirements listed under “Interdisciplinary Concentration Major” by clicking here
2) Tentatively plan your course of study. You will need to take 7 courses total in your field of concentration. (Remember to include your senior essay course in this total.) As you begin this process, you may want to prepare a list of Political Science classes you’ve already taken (and some courses you will consider taking) that you would like to apply to your IDC. 4 of these courses must be PLSC courses. Because you can petition to count up to 3 non-PLSC courses toward your concentration, you may also want to identify which courses you have taken outside of the Department (or will consider taking) that relate to your IDC. Please see the “Interdisciplinary Concentration (IDC) Major Application” on the Forms page. This includes the “IDC Course Plan Proposal” which may help you plan your course of study as you consider this major. You will also find an example proposal there.
3) Make an appointment to meet with the DUS to discuss your interests in the Interdisciplinary Concentration major and your tentative course plan. It may help to bring a draft of your “IDC Course Plan Proposal”, but this is not necessary. In your meeting, the DUS can help you formulate ideas about which courses you may want to consider taking in the future.
4) Submit the “Interdisciplinary Concentration (IDC) Major Application” (including the “IDC Course Plan Proposal”) to the Undergraduate Registrar (Rosenkranz Hall, Room 130). You must submit hard copies. You will receive an email when your application has been approved. Your paperwork will be filed here, so you do not need to pick it up.