- If I take a Political Science course for credit, instead of a letter grade, is it possible to count it as a course towards my major? Are there any restrictions on these courses?

Students may count up to two PLSC lecture courses taken Credit/D/Fail toward the major. (Note: there are no restrictions on these courses and you can use them to help fulfill your field distribution requirement.)

If you take a PLSC seminar Credit/D/F, please know that you will not receive credit for this course toward your major requirements.

Also, if you get approval to count a non-PLSC course toward your major, and you took it Credit/D/F, this course would count toward the maximum number of courses taken Credit/D/Fail that you can apply toward your major requirements.

Students should note that courses taken Credit/D/F count as non-A grades when it comes time to calculate distinction in the major, including any PLSC seminars you take Credit/D/Fail.