- How does the pre-registration process work?

Several months before the beginning of a term, declared Political Science majors will receive the Pre-Registration email from the Undergraduate Registrar. Attached to this email will be a list that includes all of the seminars into which instructors will pre-register students in the upcoming term. (Please note that this list will not include all of the seminars being offered that semester; not all seminar instructors choose to participate in pre-registration.) Students will be asked to complete a form that allows majors to rank up to 4 seminars and petition for a spot in those courses.

The instructors of those courses will review these forms and make their selections. Please know that instructors can pre-register up to 8 majors in a seminar that is cross-listed with another department or offered as a graduate course. Instructors can pre-register up to 12 majors in a seminar that is not cross-listed or offered as a graduate course. Students can be pre-registered in no more than 2 seminars.

Students will receive notification from the DUS Office regarding which seminars they have been accepted into through pre-registration in the weeks preceding the beginning of the term. Some students are not accepted into any seminars and we will let you know if that is the case.

To view a pre-registration timeline, please visit: http://politicalscience.yale.edu/academics/undergraduate-program/seminar-pre-registration.