South Asian Studies Council Annual Conference: “Democratic Representation in South Asia”

Event time: 
Friday, April 27, 2018 - 10:00am to 5:30pm
Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 10:00am to 6:00pm
Luce Hall, Room 203 See map
34 Hillhoue Avenue
New Haven, CT 06520
Event description: 

The South Asian Studies Council presents the Annual Conference on Democratic Representation in South Asia”.

The South Asian Studies Council has the pleasure of inviting you to the Annual Conference on Democratic Representation in South Asia to be held in Room 203, Luce Hall, on April 27 and 28. Both days are open to the public, and papers will be pre-circulated to registered attendees. Presentation abstracts can be accessed here.

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Friday, April 27th

10am-12pm  – Opening Remarks & Panel I: Theories of Representation (I)
Discussant/Chair: Rohit De

  • Jaby Mathew, “Challenging Unfitness: Some Ideas of Political Representation in Nineteenth Century India”
  • Tejas Parasher, “Dadabhai Naoroji and the Theory of ‘Living Representation’”
  • Mohinder Singh, “Conceptualization of ‘the People’ and Political Representation in Hindi Political Discourse: Early 20th Century”

1pm-3pm – Panel II: Populism and Publicity
Discussant/Chair: Paula Chakravartty

  • Srirupa Roy, “Lineages of Populism: Outsider Politics and the Long 1970s in India”
  • Frank Cody, “Media Involution: Metamorphoses of Popular Politics in Tamil India”
  • Vivek Yadav, “Secret Ballot and the Sphere of Electoral Publicity”

3:30-5:30pm – Panel III: Identity and Representation
Discussant/Chair: Karuna Mantena

  • Rochana Bajpai, “What Do Descriptive Representatives describe? Minority Representative Claims in the 2014 Election Campaign”
  • Pratap Bhanu Mehta, “Paradoxes of Identity and Representation in India”
  • M. Madhava Prasad, “Prospects for Self-Representation: On Citizenship and Identity”
Saturday, April 28th

10am-12pm – Panel IV: Popular Sovereignty, Parties, Violence
Discussant/Chair: Partha Chatterjee

  • Ruchi Chaturvedi, “From Popular Sovereignty to Parliamentary Victories: A Brief History of Violence”
  • Lucia Michelutti, “Circuits of Protection and Extortion: Popular Sovereignty in a Provincial North Indian Town”
  • David Gilmartin, “Representation and the Will of the Voters: Factions, Political Parties and the Law of Defections”

1pm-3pm – Panel V: Theories of Representation (II)
Discussant/Chair: Sudipta Kaviraj

  • Uday Mehta, “Gandhi’s Ambivalence Towards Representation”
  • Madhav Khosla, “Ideas of Representation before Independence”
  • Hari Ramesh, “B.R. Ambedkar and the Means and Ends of Dalit Representation”

3:30-6:00pm – Panel VII: Representation and Marginalization
Discussant/Chair: Ward Berenschot

  • Amit Ahuja, “Voice without Choice: How Parties of the Marginalized Succeed and Fail in Representing Them”
  • Sarah Khan, “Personal is Political: Prospects for Women’s Substantive Representation in Pakistan”
  • Udit Bhatia, “Public Office Qualifications: Why Disparate Impact Matters”
  • Carole Spary,“Women and democratic representation in contemporary India: reflections on achievements and challenges”


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General Public