Marx Science and Social Science Library: “Data Wrangling in R: Working with Dates and Strings”

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - 10:00am
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The Marx Science and Social Science Library Stat Lab presents Sara Gottlieb-Cohen, Yale University Library: 

“Data Wrangling in R: Working with Dates and Strings.”  

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This workshop provides a practical introduction working with date/time and string variables in R.

This workshop assumes experience and comfort with using R for data analytic work. If you are new to R, you should start with the “First Steps in R,” “Second Steps in R,” and “Manipulating Data in R using the Tidyverse” workshops.

Software Used: R, RStudio

This workshop covers:

  • Using the lubridate and stringr packages to work with dates and strings, respectively
  • Formatting dates and times
  • Parsing dates
  • Calculating time spans
  • Converting time spans (e.g., hours to minutes)
  • Trimming whitespace from character strings
  • Searching and replacing within character strings
  • Regular expressions
  • Pattern matching and extracting text of interest


Free but register in advance
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Yale Community Only