Hellenic Studies Program: The Greek Seas: Ithacas (Re)Discovered Through the Lens: Protection”

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Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 3:00pm
Institution for Social and Policy Studies, Room A002 See map
77 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06520
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The Hellenic Studies Program presents a screening: 

The Greek Seas: Ithacas (Re)Discovered Through the Lens: Protection.”

Omiros Evangelinos (Director, Producer).

Brought to life by masters of the lens, this film series is a voyage across the multiple shades of the Greek blue seas that have witnessed centuries of human existence in the eastern Mediterranean. From archaeology and history, to myth and fable, commerce and war, romance and desire, environment and health, escape and refuge, the Greek seas have lived it all. They have inspired poets and kings alike, energized conquerors and peace-warriors, have sent merchants to places yet unseen and undiscovered, and provided food for many and refuge and peace for others.

The series will cover four themes: Exploration, Refuge, Journey and Protection.

a. Guardians of the Aegean (85 minutes)
(Aegean Odyssey Productions)

Artisan fishermen in Greece and the need for Marine Protected Areas
“The five-year odyssey of filmmaker Omiros Evangelinos while sailing on board a former fishing caigue, through the islands of the Cyclades, investigates the matter of overfishing and the struggle of artisan fishermen through the Aegean Sea. In his voyage he documents a chaotic state of anarchy, where pirate fishing methods, like use of dynamite and intense industrial fishing, have depleted this once rich sea.”

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General Public