Council on East Asian Studies: “Bordering China, Bordering Reform”

Event time: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 7:00pm
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The Council on East Asian Studies presents a Panel Discussion & Roundtable: 

Bordering China, Bordering Reform.”

Panelists will include

  • Bixiao He, Sun Yat-sen University:  “Hong Kong in China’s Information Nexus: Building a CCP Network in the Early Cold War”
  • Angelina Y. Chin, Pomona College: “From Guangdong to Taiwan: The Political Journeys of Two Anti-Communist Heroes Who Came to Love the CCP”
  • Denise Y. Ho, Yale University, “Oysterman, Refugee, Coast Guard: Hong Kong and China Between the Tides, 1949-1997”
  • Taomo Zhou, Nanyang Technological University, “Leveraging Liminality: The Border Town of Bao’an and the Origins of China’s Reform and Opening.” 

Discussant Michael Szonyi, Harvard University.

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General Public