Center for the Study of Representative Institutions: “The INS on the Line: A Discussion with Historian Deborah Kang”

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Friday, October 23, 2020 - 1:00pm
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The Center for the Study of Representative Institutions presents Debbie Kang, Anne Stark and Chester Watson Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at Dallas:

The INS on the Line: A Discussion with Historian Deborah Kang.”

Zoom session.  Email for Zoom link.

Professor Kang will introduce her book and discuss its development and scholarly interventions with three commentators. These scholars will, in turn, briefly analyze the significance of her work within the context of their own respective fields.
Professor Cristina Rodríguez (Leighton Homer Surbeck Professor of Law, Yale Law School) will provide feedback on how Professor Kang’s work transforms our understanding of American immigration law.

Professor Anna Law (Associate Professor and Herb Kurz Chair in Constitutional Rights in Political Science, CUNY-Brooklyn College) will discuss how The INS on the Line has reshaped our understanding of the political development of immigration powers within the federal government.

Finally, Brendan Shanahan (YCRI Postdoctoral Associate, History Lecturer, Yale University) will comment on how Professor Kang’s work forces U.S. immigration historians to rethink the scope and methods of their field. Following a discussion among the panelists, we will open to a wide-ranging Q&A. We encourage attendees to read the pre-circulated excerpt from Professor Kang’s book, but attendance and discussion will not be limited to those who are able to do so.

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