Week of October 22, 2017

October 23, 2017
11:30am European Studies Council Early Modern Empires Workshop: "Contagion, Occupation, and Plague: Sanitary Imperialism during the French Military Campaign in Egypt and Greater Syria, 1798-1801”
4:30pm Poynter Fellowship in Journalism and The Council on East Asian Studies: "The Battle for China’s Soul"
5:00pm Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence Speaker Series: "Ballot Boxes, Bushwhackers, and Bebsi-Soaked Bandanas: Calculating Contention from Appalachia to the Arab World"
October 24, 2017
11:45am ISS Brady-Johnson Colloquium in Grand Strategy and International History: "Capitalism on Trial in Imperial Russia: Commercial Fraud, Risk, and Responsibility"
12:00pm Comparative Politics Workshop: "The Politics that Political Purges Make: Legacies of Authoritarian Politics on Democratic Brazil"
4:00pm European Studies Council Baltic Studies Lecture: "Relic Translation in Early Modern Baltic Borderlands, c. 1500-1800, and the Modern Afterlives of the Baltic Relic.”
6:30pm Council on East Asian Studies at Yale University and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations: 11th Annual China Town Hall
7:00pm Leitner Observatory Show: "Solar Superstorms"
8:00pm Leitner Observatory Show: "Solar Superstorms"
October 25, 2017
12:00pm American Politics and Public Policy Workshop: “Presidential Control and Public Finance”
12:00pm "Presidential Control and Public Finance," Patrick O'Brien, Yale
4:15pm Political Theory Workshop: "A Justification and Defense of Inter-national over Supra-, Post-, and Trans-national Citizenship: The Example of EU Citizenship"
7:00pm The Russian Studies Program and the European Studies Council: "Storm Over Asia"
October 26, 2017
12:00pm "Demand Estimation with Strategic Complementarities, and an Application to Sanitation in Bangladesh," Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale
4:00pm Alexander Hamilton Society: Coping with the Kims: Military Solutions to the Crisis in North Korea"
5:00pm Hellenic Studies Program: "The European Banking System after the Crisis: Still in Danger?"
October 27, 2017
11:00am Yale Program in Agrarian Studies Hinterlands, Frontiers, Cities, and States: Transactions and Identities Colloquium: "Sovereign (Be)longings: State-Desire and the Anthropology of Exception"
6:00pm ISPS Experiments Workshop: "Partisan Animosity in the United States: Social Fragmentation or Policy Conflict?”