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Posted: 09-21-16
ArcGIS Assistance, tutoring provided

Professor Frances Rosenbluth is looking for students willing to learn arc/GIS to create and analyze maps of the Mughal empire.  We have senior research assistance available to provide tutoring, so it is a great opportunity to learn a new skill. This job pays the going rate.

Frances McCall Rosenbluth
203 687 9585

Posted 09-21-16
Research assistance wanted:

Researchers will be given a list of randomized, stratified names of leaders and non-leaders from nonprofit organizations and asked to input the appropriate values for variables such as “Race,” “Ethnicity,” “Twitter Link,” “Personal Website Link,” “Title/Position,” “Marital Status,” etc….  The project is examining styles of leadership and communication by sector and other attributes.

If you’re interested, please contact Frances Rosenbluth at  The work pays the going rate.


Students Seeking Opportunities:

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