Helene Landemore

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Associate Professor of Political Science
115 Prospect St, Room 305
Ph.D. Harvard, 2008
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Hélène Landemore is Associate Professor of Political Science. 
Her current research interests include democratic theory, theories of justice, the philosophy of social sciences (particularly economics), constitutional processes and theories, and workplace democracy.
She is the author of Hume. Probabilité et Choix Raisonnable (PUF: 2004) and Democratic Reason: Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many (Princeton University Press 2013). She is also co-editor with Jon Elster of Collective Wisdom: Principles and Mechanisms (Cambridge University Press 2012).

Her articles have been published in, among others, Journal of Political Philosophy, Political Theory, Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, and Political Psychology.

She is currently working on a new project on democratic innovations in post-representative democracy.
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