Gautam Nair

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I’m a PhD candidate in political science at Yale University. I have several papers that examine the relationship between inequality, redistribution, and democracy but my current research focuses on the effects of economic growth on political change, with India serving as a principal case. It seeks to understand the conditions under which party competition and voting is structured around broadly targeted collective and public goods, rather than the ethnic ties and clientelistic linkages that have long been thought to be the driving force behind politics in the developing world.

I have a BA in economics from Colby College and an MA from the Social Sciences Division at the University of Chicago. Previously I worked on the development and evaluation of behavioral finance interventions at Innovations for Poverty Action, a leading research organization in economics, and on energy solutions for the poor at the Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University. I teach courses in political economy and comparative politics in Yale’s business school and political science department.

You can reach me at More details about my work are available at my website.