Corinna Jentzsch

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Corinna Jentzsch is a Ph.D. candidate in political science. Her research interests focus on local political order in civil wars, militias, and transnational aspects of civil wars. For her dissertation, she seeks to explain different forms of local security arrangement during civil wars, the formation of militias and paramilitaries and their impact on civil war dynamics. In 2011-2012, she conducted fieldwork in Mozambique. Before coming to Yale, Corinna studied political science at Free University Berlin, Germany, and Sciences Po Paris, France, where she concentrated on the study of conflict and contemporary political philosophy. Her professional experience include a stay in Malawi where she worked for the German Organization for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) conducting a study on conflicts between traditional authorities and elected local councilors and a stay in Zambia where she did research on protracted refugee situations for a local Zambian NGO.