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Schell Visiting Human Rights Fellow at Yale Law School



  • BA, University of Chicago 2002
  • JD, Yale University 2006


Nick Robinson is a Lecturer in Political Science at Yale University, where he teaches a course on human rights, and a Schell Visiting Human Rights Fellow at Yale Law School, where he has taught on the legal profession. After graduating from Yale Law School in 2006, Nick spent seven years in South Asia, clerking for Chief Justice Sabharwal of the Indian Supreme Court, working at Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in New Delhi on rights litigation involving water and health, and teaching law at National Law School-Bangalore, Lahore University Management Sciences, and Jindal Global Law School. He was also a senior fellow at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi where he worked on reforms on the Indian legal system and the implementation of social welfare programs. Before coming to Yale in 2016, Nick was a Research Fellow at the Program on the Legal Profession at Harvard Law School as part of their Globalization, Lawyers, and Emerging Economies Project. He currently researches and writes in the areas of the legal profession, human rights, administrative law, and courts, with a particular emphasis on South Asia.

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