Gwen Prowse

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I am a joint doctoral student in political science and African American studies, with a focus on race and inequality in the American city. My current work examines the ways in which police-citizen interactions shape political knowledge and political discourse in majority-Black communities in the United States. To learn more and to review forthcoming publications, go to

I am a research fellow with the Institute for Social Policy Studies (ISPS) and affiliated with the Justice Collaboratory at Yale Law School. Prior to attending Yale, I worked as a community organizer and educator in urban and rural communities in the US. I graduated from Rutgers University—New Brunswick in 2011, with a BA in urban planning and public policy.

Fields of Interest:

American politics, urban politics, political economy, race and ethnicity politics


Prowse, Gwen, Weaver, Vesla M., and Meares, Tracey L. 2019. The State from Below: Distorted Responsiveness in Policed Communities. Urban Affairs Review.
Weaver, Vesla, Gwen Prowse, and Spencer Piston. 2019. “Too Much Knowledge, Too Little Power: An Assessment of Political Knowledge in Highly Policed Communities.” The Journal of Politics. Symposium on Race and Law Enforcement.