Alexander Kolokotronis

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  • B.A., Political Science and Philosophy, Queens College, City University of New York, 2016.
  • M.A., Philosophy, Queens College, City University of New York, 2016.


I am a doctoral student in political theory, focusing on anarchism, participatory democracy, and workers’ self-management. Currently I am working on two sole authorship projects: a normative account of participatory democratic public schooling and the role of teachers’ unions; and theorizing the general strike as labor’s exceptional power. My work in political theory extensively draws on archival research and fieldwork. I have also worked on co-authorship projects in sociology and philosophy, respectively including: social theory drawn from an analysis of the Rojava Revolution; and a philosophy of the city account of participatory budgeting. I have published in popular publications such as In These Times, ROAR Magazine, New Politics, and Truthout.

Prior to entering Yale University, I worked in employee ownership advocacy for NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives, and as a Worker Cooperative Development Assistant for Make the Road New York. I currently sit on the Advisory Board of The Participatory Budgeting Project. 


  • Political Theory
  • Social Theory
  • Labor History