Baltic Studies Program: “The Greek Seas: Ithacas (Re)Discovered Through the Lens: Journey.”

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Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 3:00pm
Luce Hall, Room 203 See map
34 HIllhouse Avenue
New Haven, CT 06521
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The Baltic Studies Program presents:

Charlene Caprio, Nikos Dayandas: “The Greek Seas: Ithacas (Re)Discovered Through the Lens: Journey.”

Brought to life by masters of the lens, this film series is a voyage across the multiple shades of the Greek blue seas that have witnessed centuries of human existence in the eastern Mediterranean. From archaeology and history, to myth and fable, commerce and war, romance and desire, environment and health, escape and refuge, the Greek seas have lived it all. They have inspired poets and kings alike, energized conquerors and peace-warriors, have sent merchants to places yet unseen and undiscovered, and provided food for many and refuge and peace for others.

The series will cover four themes: Exploration, Refuge, Journey and Protection.

Aegean Cargo Sailing
(10 minutes)
A film showcasing a 2017 journey made by sailboat to six Greek islands to local island producers, seeing how they make their products locally (e.g., honey; olive oil soap; microbrewery), and then transporting their goods by means of a clean shipping/low carbon (sailing) vessel.
Presenters and Discussants: Charlene Caprio (Co-Founder/ACS); Valia Stefanoudaki (Project Manager/ACS)

Little Land (52 minutes)
“Little Land” is a documentary about a Greek man who embarks on a journey to Ikaria Island in hopes of starting a new life and escaping the harsh conditions of the economic crisis in Athens. Ikaria is known as one of the world’s “Blue Zones”, where people enjoy incredible longevity and have developed a close relationship with the island’s natural environment.

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General Public