John Bryan Starr

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Lecturer in Political Science and Ethics, Politics & Economics
115 Prospect St, Room 134
Ph.D. in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
M.A. in Political Science, University of California, Berkeley
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John Bryan Starr is a lecturer in the Political Science Department at Yale University. He also serves as a consultant to the Connecticut Superintendents Network at the Connecticut Center for School Change in Hartford, and to school districts in the tri-state area.
He was educated at Dartmouth College. He spent the following four years as a United States Naval officer. After teaching Chinese politics at Berkeley for ten years, he moved to Yale in 1978. While continuing to offer course work in Chinese politics at Yale, he served as Executive Director of the Yale-China Association for fifteen years and, subsequently, as President of China Institute in New York City. In the course of his work for these organizations he traveled frequently to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.
He has written extensively on contemporary Chinese politics and political thought. His most recent book, Understanding China, was published by Hill & Wang in 1997. A third edition of the book was released in August.
Dr. Starr served for nine years as an elected member of the New Canaan, Connecticut Board of Education and for a year as a trustee of the independent St. Lukes School in New Canaan. He joined the faculty at Brown University in 1995 and served for four years as Managing Director of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform. In this capacity he worked with Institute directors Ted Sizer and Warren Simmons, and interim directors Vartan Gregorian and Ramón Cortines. While at Brown he offered two seminars in the Education Department. In 1999, Dr. Starr was appointed Executive Director of the Tri-State Consortium, an alternative accrediting organization with member districts in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. He served in this post until his retirement in 2008.
Dr. Starr returned to the Yale University Department of Political Science in the fall of 2006 to offer two new seminars dealing with the interface between public schools, politics, and public policy.
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