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March 2017
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March 29, 2017
11:45am MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series: "How Emotions and Victimization Influence Foreign Policy Attitudes: Experimental Evidence from Georgia”
12:00pm CMES Colloquium: From manuscripts to Arabic types: Printing the Qur'an in 16th and 17th-century Europe
4:00pm Dismembered and Still Kicking: Kokoro in the High School Textbook
4:15pm Political Theory Workshop: "Sources of Possession”
5:00pm Yale Program in the History of the Book: "Playing Songs and Singing Plays: Ballads and Plays in the Time of Shakespeare”
7:00pm CANCELLED - Spring Film Series Screening: Various works by animator Miguel Rueda
March 30, 2017
12:00pm Program on Refugees, Forced Displacement, and Humanitarian Responses Spring Seminar Series
12:00pm Leitner Political Economy Seminar Series: "TBA"
12:10pm Human Rights Workshop
4:00pm Modern Europe Colloquium: "The Crisis of Multiculturalism in Europe"
4:00pm Can There Be an Anthropology of Hinduism?
4:30pm South Asia Brown Bag Series: Imperial Native Policies in Global Context: Reframing the Transformation of Company Rule in Bengal, 1757-1773
4:30pm William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale: Firing line Debate - "Competition, Insurance, and Fairness: What Role For Minimum Wages?"
5:30pm Writing/Curating the Middle East: Keynote
6:10pm Veterans as Humanitarians: Challenging the Global Disaster-Relief Paradigm by Deploying Military Veterans as Emergency Responders
6:30pm CMES Cinema: Clash
March 31, 2017
(All day) Conference on Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
(All day) Writing/Curating the Middle East
11:00am Agrarian Studies Hinterlands, Frontiers, Cities, and States: Transactions and Identities Colloquium: “In Manchuria: Covering China from the Ground Up”
12:00pm Iran Colloquium: When the Mirzas Met Frankenstein: The Early Qajars and the Scientific Revolution
12:00pm CHESS Workshop: “Conservative Political Parties and the Birth of Modern Democracy in Europe”
12:00pm State Fragility and Collapse in the Arab Region
12:30pm Directive Principles and the Expressive Accomodation of Ideological Dissenters -- Talk by Tarunabh Khaitan
12:30pm Yale Center for Historical Enquiry & the Social Sciences Workshop: "Conservative Political Parties and the Birth of Modern Democracy in Europe”
3:00pm Nutrition, Public Health and Filotimo in Greece: A Holy Trinity in Crisis
4:30pm Modernity & Agency: How Activisits reconstructed Nepali Society -- Talk by David Gellner
4:30pm Screening of Tickling Giants and panel discussion on political satire and new media
7:00pm CLAIS Spring Film Series Screening: El Verano de Goliat (Summer of Goliath)
March 31, 2017 to April 1, 2017
(All day) Eternal World and God’s Free Will in Islam — A Diachronic Perspective
2:30pm Black Sea Film Symposium