Courses & Workshops

Every year the Department offers a range of courses across the subfields of Political Science. Additionally, the Department hosts regular workshops, in which outside and internal speakers present their work, in many subfields.


This single document is a provisional list of all courses, by subfield, that will be offered in academic year 2017-18.

Please note: The Online Course Information Web site provides the official list of courses, including class times and locations.


After their second year in the program, graduate students in residence are required to register for and attend one of the regular research workshops offered in the department. Students in all years are encouraged to attend one or more workshops related to their research. Links to workshop schedules appear below (Students should also sign up for workshop email lists, where applicable).

This is the list of workshops for which students may sign up to meet the department workshop requirement. Students are welcome, and encouraged, to attend the numerous other workshops on campus that relate to their research. These include: